A Bruised and Battered Vélez Wins the 2004 EPYSA Indoor Cup

Posted by Miguel Nuila on Jan 17 2004 at 04:00PM PST
The Vélez boys began the day with four players out due to injury. By then end of the tournament, we had seven out with injuries and still managed to pull out an EPYSA Indoor Cup victory. Kudos to Andy, one of our goalies, for stepping it up and playing some brilliant soccer. Congratulations to Dylan for scoring the winning goal to cap off the tourney and to all of the other boys that contributed so much to the victory. Scores: Round Robin: Vélez: 4 FC Gunners: 0 Vélez: 8 CASA: 0 Vélez: 2 YMS: 0 Vélez: 4 Srike Force: 0 Vélez: 3 Parkwood: 1 Vélez: 5 Pennridge: 0 Total Scoring: Vélez: 26 Opponents: 1 Congrats Boys!


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