Vélez Defend Quakertown Title

Posted by Miguel Nuila on May 04 2002 at 05:00PM PDT
The Vélez boys were inspired this weekend as they scored 18 goals for and 0 against sweeping the competition at the Quakertown invitational. Opening game saw an uneventful 7-0 win over South Parkland. On Sunday, playing three games in warm weather, the Vélez defeated North Union 3-0 avenging our defeat by the same score in September at the hands of the Black Crows. We then defeated a very talented Pennridge team for the second time in as many months by a 2-0 score. The Finals was also an uneventful 6-0 game against Ephreta although they did get a couple of shots on target. Most remarkable about the weekend was that we never had more than 10 players at any one game and had a variety of starters missing for each game. To be able to win a tournament against good competition in this fashion speaks volumes about the development of the first year and newly added players on the team. The new theme is now and will always be, "Play for yourself."


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