VELEZ WIN Delco D1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Miguel Nuila on Nov 30 2001 at 04:00PM PST
In what was truly an inspirational game to watch, the boys pulled it together to beat T/E by the score of 5-1 (2-0 at half). The bench was superb in scoring three of the five goals and three of the first four including the game winner. First goal was on an own goal header off of Brandon McLaughlin's rip. Goal number two by Bert from an inspiring run up the left side by Derrick. Goals three and four by Derrick but we'll have to check to video for assists (Julien at least for one). Goal five and six disallowed for phantom offsides. Goal number seven (five in tally) by Kevin getting behind the defense. The one goal against came at the 35 minute mark after substitutions of the first line prior to getting the starters back in rhythm. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL VELEZIANS and thanks to all of our dedicated fans and readers for checking with us this fall season


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