Vélez Lose to Bethesda 2-0

Posted by Miguel Nuila on Mar 16 2002 at 04:00PM PST
Bethesda proved to be the best team in the bracket beating Vélez 2-0 in a cold and rainy morning at the Jefferson Cup. Goals were conceded from a botched goal kick and off of a PK. Both teams had opportunities to score but the compactness of the Roadrunners and their quick one touch movement of the ball on counter attacks proved to be too much for us to handle at times. Bethesda clearly came out to play challenging every ball and winning almost everything in the air. How they get ten year old kids to head a ball with such consistency and regularity is a marvel especially since most programs do not begin to teach heading until at least the U11 year. Vélez will continue to stick to its current development program and will not modify its itinerary to catch up to Bethesda. We will incorporate elements that will enhance our current style of play and will therefore make us more compatible, but we will not go out and reinvent ourselves. By U12's the elite teams of the region will be pretty much equal anyhow.


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