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Team Accomplishments

Posted by Miguel Nuila at Jul 3, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
U17 3rd Place
U17 National League Champion
U16 round robin Group I

Region 1:
U19 Finalist
U17 Group Play
U16 Champions
U12 Semis

State Cups:
U19 Champions
U18 Finalist
U17 Finalist
U16 Champions
U15 Finalist
U14 Semis
U13 Finalist
U12 Champions
U11 Semis
League Play:
U19 USL Super 20 National Semi-Finalist
U18 Region 1 PL Semi-Finalist
U17 Region 1 PL Finalist
U16 Region 1 PL Champions
U15 Colonial League Champions
U14 Delco Finalists
U13 Delco Finalists
U12 Delco Champions
U11 Delco Champions
U10 Delco Champions
U9 Delco Semis
Indoor Cups:
U18 EPYSA Cup Champions
U15 PA Futsal Champions
U13 EPYSA Cup Semis
U12 EPYSA Cup Champions
U11 EPYSA Cup Champions
Over years have won Jefferson Cup, Players Cup, YMS Colmubus Day Classic, Virginian, Spirit Kick Off Classic, Raleigh College Show Case, MAPS/MSSL Challenge and others.
YOUTH 11 v 11 Team Totals: 191 wins - 52 ties - 42 losses 680 goals for (2.39/game) and 178 against (0.63/game) - Through Summer 2011 (285 games played)

YOUTH 8 V 8 Team Totals: 71 wins - 5 ties - 8 losses 367 goals for (4.37/game) and 83 against (0.988/game)
U19 2010-11
Regionals - Finalist
State Cup - Champions
USL Super 20 - Division Champions
USL Super 20 - Nationals Semi-Finalst
U18 2009-10
Region 1 PL - Semi-Finalist
Region 1 PL - 2nd in Division
State Cup - Finalist
Disney Showcase - 3rd place
Potomac Memorial - finalist
CASL - champion
U17 2008-9
Nationals - 3rd Place
Regionals - Round Robin
National League - Champions
Region 1 PL - Finalist
Region 1 PL - 1st in Division
State Cup - Finalist
Disney Showcase - Played
Chelsea FC 2-2 Draw
SC Del Sol - Finalist
MAPS Cup - Finalist
U16 2007-8
Nationals - Round Robin
Regionals - Champions
State Cup - Champions
Region 1 PL - Champions
Dallas Cup - Quarters
Bethesda Thanksgiving - Semis
CASL - Champions
U15 2006-7
US Club Regionals - Finalist
State Cup - Finalist
Colonial League - Champions
Clyde Best Bermuda - Champs YMS Columbus Day - Semis
MAPS/MSSL Classic - Finalist
Bethesda Thksgvg - Finalist
U14 2005-6
State Cup - Semis
MAPS/MSSL Challenge - Champs
FC Delco Players Cup - Finalist
US Club Soccer Regional - Semis
MAPS League - 3-0
Delco Division 1 - Finalist
Spirit Kickoff Classic - Finalist
U13 2004-5
State Cup - Finalist
FC Delco Players Cup - Finalist
First in Group Jefferson Cup
Delco Division 1 - Finalist
YMS Columbus Day - Semis
U12 2003-4
Regionals - Semis
State Cup - Champions
Jefferson Cup - Champions
FC Delco Players Cup - Champions
Delco Division 1 - Champions
Ross Haney Labor Day - Champions
YMS Columbus Day - Champions
U11 2002-3
Challenge Cup - Semis
Delco Division 1 - Champions
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Vélez Runners-up in US Club Region B

Posted by Miguel Nuila at Jun 25, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Congratulations to the Vélez boys for a fine showing at US Club Region B championships. Vélez won the group beating YMS Xplosion 2-1, FC Gunners (NJ) 5-0, and tying SSC Munich 2-2 in the tournament opener. The boys then beat PA Classics Elite 91 3-1 before falling in the finals 1-0 to YMS on a fluky goal. YMS outscored other opponents 17-0. Vélez held them to two goals in two games and scored two goals in two games.
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Vélez Crowned 2007 Colonial League Champion

Posted by Miguel Nuila at Jun 7, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Vélez wins the Colonial League by beating West Chester United 3-0 in the finals played at USTC tonight. The win guarantees Vélez a birth in Region 1 Premier League for next year. Vélez accumulated 7 wins, 0 losses, and 1 tie scoring 21 goals for and 2 against. Congrats to the boys!
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Vélez 2007 EPYSA State Cup Finalist

Posted by Miguel Nuila at May 21, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Kudos to the boys for a wonderful run this spring. 0-0 at the end of regulation against FC Delco before a heartbreaking loss in extra time.
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How to Tryout for Vélez

Posted by Miguel Nuila at May 2, 2007 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Tryouts for Vélez are handled by attending practices. Please email the coach to attend a session. Click here