Vélez Get Spanked by Black Crows (Revised) - 2001

Posted by Miguel Nuila on Oct 06 2001 at 05:00PM PDT
(Revision after video analysis - see addendum below) In what was really not a surprise to the coaching staff (we have been flat for the past three weeks), the mighty Vélez team was handed its first loss since the Bethesda Roadrunners beat them 5-3 in Virginia back in March. But don't despair, more is learned from a loss than from a win. We should consider ourselves lucky to have such fine coaching in our age group. It can only make us that much better. North Union had a very savvy attack with its wingbacks and Vélez was simply not willing to make the necessary adjustments. This becomes a great learning experience for the talented Vélez players: to what point is personal glory more important than team glory? We will now make a swift correction in the direction of the team. It's time to go back to the more Latin style that the kids crave so much, even if it means losing more games. Because in the end, having fun is what will keep us together long enough to mature to the point where winning becomes more important.


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