Vélez End Season with Semi Final Loss

Posted by Miguel Nuila on May 16 2003 at 05:00PM PDT
The Vélez boys were unable to reach the finals of outdoor cup this year losing to a very well organized and inspired Spirit team 4-2 in the semi-finals. Pressure was on early as the field proved difficult if not impossible to dribble on and Spirit was keen on doubling and tripling the ball in the midfield. We eventually settled down and began connecting more passes in the first half and it looked like we would be able to handle their pressure. We went up 1-0 early on a quick counter but found ourselves level after a defensive blunder. We eventually took the momentum and scored a second while coming close to scoring a third before halftime. Injuries, however, played an important factor as two of our starting middies came out around the half time whistle (one before and one just after). With players in unfamiliar positions and Spirit's increased intensity in the second half, we simply lost the middle of the field. Spirit sent every ball behind our D as quickly as possible and their tenacious and unrelenting work found them up 3-2 after a beautiful cross that got netted home. Final score was 4-2 as we pushed to look for the third and left the back wide open for counters. Kudos to Spirit for their incredible passion and dedication in winning the game. The Vélez boys should hold their head high for they are still a great team. With the Potomac up and coming, it would be nice to get back to business and settle some old scores.


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