Vélez Awaits Opponent for Playoffs

Posted by Miguel Nuila on Nov 09 2001 at 04:00PM PST
A special thanks to all of our fans and dedicated readers that checked our web page out during the year. Don't expect us to post much for indoor cause indoor is really not soccer but a lab where I experiment. :) We will, however, post updates of our progress and we will let you know what tournaments we intend to play so you can have your teams join us. We are still one of three teams in the state that everyone wants to beat. :) I don't know why, we are such a warm and loving team. ------------------------------------------- After having clinched first place in the table last week, we were hoping to have some clarification on our semifinal opponent. Unfortunately, Nether was unable to execute a win and now we must wait for Concord to post results against GCVSA and Philly Soccer. Both are good opponents but I would have preferred to have played Nether on Sunday the 11th. So much for that now. A formidable Concord breaths new life. On our end, we beat Liverpool 4-0. Slowly but surely the kids begin to get a truer picture of what we wish to accomplish. I was scouting the T/E - Spirit match today (which Spirit won 2-1) and one of the T/E parents told me that they thought our defenders were our Achille's heel. I couldn't help but giggle to myself since our defending has actually been quite sound. It's our possession play which has troubled us this year especially with all of the boot and run play we're forced to defend against week in and week out. Given the amount of boot and run, our defenders are often forced to play 1 v 1 and they show their prowess and technical training by not allowing goals in. The kids have been instructed to play soccer and not whack back! This is often difficult to do when other teams' defenses are pounding the ball, their forwards are pressuring our fullbacks, and we're trying to play out of the back. But of course, mastering this artform now will only make them into State Champions later, and that is ultimately our goal.


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