An Almost Perfect Weekend of Soccer

Posted by Miguel Nuila on Oct 12 2002 at 05:00PM PDT
1. Thanks to Jim Powers and all of the staff at the YMS Columbus Day tourney for running one of the most fun tournaments any of my teams have attended. 2. MSC United and Vélez spent an evening of pizza and spitballs on Saturday as a show of friendship between soccer foes. Thanks to the MSC parents and the Vélez parents for creating such a positive environment between our rivaling clubs. Julio, it's fun playing against your team and knowing all of you socially. 3. We were bumped out of the tournament by MSC on 2 PK's that led to a tie score of 2-2. We lost out on bonus points and were not able to get to the finals. 4. Last but not least, I'm EXTREMELY proud of the Vélez boys who played so well this weekend. When you consider that the boys played games 11-13 of the year, and you compare it to the number of games our peers have played, it's awe inspiring to know that our team has yet to peak. I'm the luckiest coach in PA to have such loving and yet talented boys. Go Vélez.


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